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Artwork and Proofing

At NWN Print, we understand the importance of peace of mind for our customers and offers a flexible proofing process, tailored to individual client needs.

If you are creating the design and editorial yourself, NWN Print’s pre-press department can assist you in the critical PDF creation process ensuring that files are created to industry standard.

A simple and easy to use file upload service is offered to facilitate the transfer of files to NWN Media’s pre-press desk.

Methods of Proofing

Accuracy is key when signing off artwork.

The digital workflow system used by NWN Media enables clients to see proofs, providing accuracy and peace of mind required when signing off artwork for production.

  •  Online
    • The highly efficient, visible online proofing service allows for easy proofing from the clients own site.
  • PDF
    • Proofs can be emailed in PDF format
  • Hard Copy
    • Proofs can be delivered to the client as a hard copy

If technical assistance is needed in the creation of the files, NWN Print’s in-house technical advisors are on hand to provide help and support.

For your peace of mind…

A job will not run until the client has given final sign off and the Print Management team oversees the process, ensuring that time scales are achieved and the quality of the final goods is of the highest standard.

All files are automatically pre-flight checked when received by NWN Media, to identify any potential problems at this critical pre-press stage.

This helps to prevent potentially much more costly errors further down the production process.

Page Sizes

NWN Print’s standard web width is 1475. Based on this size, please find below document sizes and image sizes for various newspaper formats.

Page Type Document Size Image Size
Single Page 289mm x 370mm 259mm x 340mm
Double Page Spread 578mm x 370mm 548mm x 340mm
Broadsheet 578mm x 370mm 548mm x 340mm

Specification Documents

NWN Print is happy to work with customers to use different web widths and customized page sizes.

Newsprint Specification
Page Layout Specification