NWN Media Ltd is one of the UK's leading independent publishing and printing companies.
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Quality & Accrediations


NWN Media prints to the internationally recognised ISO 12647 standard, which defines printing conditions and the processes to control printing, ensuring consistent quality. Through our internal monitoring system, using software based on Print Control Pro, printers are carefully guided to print to this ISO standard.

A database stores and analyses papertone, the software highlights optimal printing densities, which are achieved through colour metric analysis of primary and secondary colours; print contrast is checked; dotgain is monitored; CTP compensation curves are automatically smoothed; grey balance and colour gamut are checked; and trapping is monitored through this system.

Accurate reports are generated, allowing for consistent analysis.


NWN Media has an environmental management system in place and is working towards ISO and EMAS accreditation.


NWN Media Ltd. is currently working towards the Investors in People Accreditation.

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